12 Walking Dead Gifs that Perfectly Describe Dating


The final episode in the sixth Season of zombie drama ‘The Walking Dead’ airs tonight, and it is guaranteed to be a nail-biting rollercoaster of emotions, that will have us second guessing until the last moment. Sounds a bit like dating doesn’t it? Come to think about it, if you look beyond all of the exploding heads and zombie guts, the show is practically a remastered version of Sex and the City! Here are twelve Walking Dead Gifs that are totally relatable to dating.


When they look nothing like their tinder profile

giphy (6)

When they take you to a steak house restaurant, but you’re a vegetarian

the-walking-dead-airs-on-sunday-nights-at-9-pm-et-on-amc (1)

When you sneak off to the bathroom to call your friends for help


When they’re a terrible kisser


When they won’t take no for an answer

giphy (8)

When you accidentally make eye contact with an ex across the bar

giphy (11)

When you think you’ve gone through all the bad ones, but they just keep coming

giphy (10)

When you move to third base


When they’ve read your Whatsapp message, but haven’t replied

giphy (9)

When you have a psycho moment

giphy (14)

When your heart gets broken

giphy (12).gif

When you finally meet the one



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