International Women’s Day 2016 – Sassy Ladies of Cinema

The Bride (Kill Bill)

Uma Thurman has never been fiercer as revenge-seeking assassin, ‘The Bride’, in Quentin Tarantino’s machete fuelled mirage, Kill Bill. When her Wedding is turned into a bloodbath and an attempt is made on her life, ‘The Bride’ vows to hunt down those responsible and ensure they meet a merciless end.

The film aroused a lot of interest at its point of release due to the lead character, (along with many of the supporting cast) being a woman, which is unusual for an action-based film. Tarantino succeeded in creating a female warrior and accumulated a broad new female fanbase in the process.

Kill bill - tarantino
Princess Merida (Brave)

Merida is Pixar’s first female lead and offers girls everywhere an alternative type of Princess to look up to.

Headstrong, free-spirited and of course, brave, our Princess would rather practise her sword-fighting or brush up her archery, than complete the boring royal duties assigned to her.

A healthy role model to the world’s young ladies, Merida shows that all girls have a the power to choose the path they wish to follow, and most importantly, that path need not be influenced by a Prince. Let’s hear it for girl power!!


Erin Brockovich (Erin Brockovich)

Known for typically playing pretty wallflower, Julia Robert surprised the critics when she took on the role of a fiery single mother at war with a corrupt energy corporation.
Roberts won praise for her representation of a mother fighting to do right by her kids, whatever it takes.


Ellen Ripley (Alien)

When Ridley Scott wrote the first draft for the original Alien film, he envisioned an all-male human crew. He later had a change of heart and went on to cast Sigourney Weaver as Warrant Officer Ellen Ripley, in what is regarded as one of her most iconic roles to date.

Her character broke the mould in that she did not succumb to the stereotypical glamour or fantasy model we expect from female leads. Instead, Ripley is make-up free, unconcerned with her appearance and treated entirely as an equal to her male teammates.

Ellen Ripley has been named in numerous polls and surveys as one of the biggest movie badasses of all time, even pipping the likes of Mad Max and Rambo to the post!

Jackie Brown (Jackie Brown)

Before the Bride, Jackie Brown was Tarantino’s original muse. She was the streetwise criminal mastermind, who managed to blindsight both the cops and the nasty drug dealer blackmailing her, to pull off the biggest scam of all.

Jackie is independent and relies on no man. Everything, from her walk to her perfectly groomed air-hostess hairdo, oozes confidence and sex appeal, and she has an almost spell-binding effect on every male she comes into contact with. She calls the shots and leaves her male counterparts to do all the running around. Go girlfriend!



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